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ilovehim,my one and only babyboy

{♥} Last long with Babyboy
-2nd Mth
-3rd Mth
'New handphone
'Big white teddy bear!
'Pink & White Roses
'More outing and tons with love ones!
'Tons of soft toys
'Go to zoo
'Re-dye hair to light brown

Chitty Chatty

♥ X-ray my heart
I love you all. <3
Kelvin♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Baby
Teresa♥♥♥♥♥ JIE
Celina♥♥♥♥ QIN AI DE
Shanna♥♥♥♥ GIRDFRENX
Germaine♥♥♥♥ COUPLE-HEART
Kaihui♥♥♥♥ SISTER
Huiluan♥♥♥♥ JIE/135
Felicia♥♥♥♥ BAOBIE STEAD
Clara♥♥♥♥ JIE
KinRen♥♥♥♥ BABY
Wen kai♥♥♥ KOR
Rickson♥♥♥ KOR
Jia ying♥♥♥ MIE
Meng teck♥♥♥ KOR
SingYan♥♥♥ QING-REN
Geraldine♥♥♥ MEI

Kelly♥♥ WeiHunQi
Vivien♥♥ 1st LaoPo
Sherly♥♥ 2st LaoPo
Alston♥♥ KOR
Yongming♥♥ KOR
Zi qin♥♥ Lover
Kun qen♥♥ Sweetheart
Cherie♥♥ FRIEND
Vivienne♥♥ HONEY
Darren♥♥ HUBBY
Isabella♥♥ SEX-PARTNER
Willy♥♥ KOR
Gareth♥♥ DARDAR
Augustine♥♥ MANGO'BRO
Peimin♥♥ LOVEEE

Jun Xian♥ DAR(QWSS)
Vernice♥ LOLIPOP
Josephine♥ SUGERLOVE
Yolanda♥ LAOPO
Jeremy♥ Friend
Nicholas♥ Papa
anthony♥ Blurblur
Vannessa♥ precious
shuting♥ Twin twin
Joanne♥ Sweetpie
Angeline Goh♥ AiJie
freda♥ loveone
wan yi♥ MEI
vanessa♥ MEI
Johnson♥ Dummy
jessieneo♥ MEI
ben ben♥ DI
Eillot♥ DI
zhenq jie♥ DI
Denka♥ DI
Tony♥ Zhi Er
renee♥ JIE
huihui♥ JIE
prescilla♥ JIE
amandal♥ JIE
ming li♥ JIE
jasmine♥ Jie
corrin♥ JIE
queenie♥ JIE
junhan♥ KOR
joseph♥ KOR
BoonJie♥ KOR
Xiian YanG♥KOR
Jackson♥ KOR
sean♥ KOR
kelvin♥ KOR
jing xiong♥KOR
YongYe♥ Prince
Joshua♥ Super-Boy
Ahboii♥ Elmo
Lynette♥ Shorty-Mummy
Eileen♥ Bangs-Daddy
Yuan kai♥ Didi
Jonathan♥ Son
Catherine♥ Meimei
Johan♥ KorKor
Kai Lin♥ MeiMei
ShiYing♥ MilkySweetheart
Cindy♥ Sissy

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Teresa aka Jie/Sister.
She's my love! my longest sister ever! 8yrs and counting on!(:
Touch her and you will DIE!

Celina aka Sister/Qinaide.22Jan2009
My hearts of sisters! 3yr sister/1yr qinaide and counting on! (:
Touch her and you will DIE!

♥♥Kai hui
♥♥Sing yan
Those Friends
Celine W
Jia Liang
Jian Hao
Shi ying
Shi yun
Wan xin
Yong ming

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Saturday, December 25, 2010, 8:11 PM

Hohoho! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone my dear! Its a warm hearted and joys day today! Sadly that Singapore dunt snaw, but ohwell, christmas cant be lost, Its still in singapore with warm hugs and cheerful smile!

And yea! Snata's here! Have you been a good child? if you did do check out what santa had left for you ^^ I got a lovely bubble hearts in my dreams, (awww~ dunt it sound sweet? ) hahas

Well, sadly as i said singapore dunt snow, but dunt you think its pretty with all white in the road way with light candles lighting the the house? Im sure loving that maybe is cos im a dec baby :DD

Christmas With light dracrations and christmas tree ofcos! Lovly do you think :D

And last but not least CHRISTMAS PRESENTs unter the tree!
HAve a Merry christmas guys! Stay happy always!

Dunt tell a girl how much you love her if you goinna break her heart.
Dunt leave her cring alone,
dunt keep saying how much you had love her, is loved guys,
And the best is dunt start a relationship if you gonna end it

Today is christmas! Enjoy guys! Shall go for movie with boyf now ♥

Overdue pic :P Enjoy~

Boyf new yr de, i dint take my :P

Christmas eve with bby!

Bby playing pool, snapshot :P

Kelvin: hello I love u~^^<3>
xiaovass: Byebye iloveyou too (v)
NicholasChua(:: Tagged . Hehe . [:
xiaovass: Tks daddy!
Celina: Relink me,
xiaovass: Relinked!
Miki: taggies, sweetheart!
xiaovass: Tks sweety!
Miki: sorry, may I know what do you work? O.O?
xiaovass: Err, i work as handphone promoter (:
Mrstoh: hey, may i know which part of loyang did you see th puppies?
xiaovass: Is at loyang dua bei gong temple there (:
sweetthang: How come you and your bibi keep seeing very very cute de animals de? xD I also want~ The doggie so cute nehhh! Heheee. Tagged backs! ^^ Muacks to you too <3
xiaovass: hahas! cos we are cute oso waht! :P just jking~ Missdie you too! merry christmas :DD

Monday, December 20, 2010, 10:58 PM

With you by myside my heart will go on :D

(overdue pic)

My leg is fucking pain ttm! (thats for the day before and yst :P) Why? Cos i have been working fo the pass two day, tired ttm you mei you, Cries~ Work as Dell handphone promorter with Boyf and , at first though can work tgh but end up we work in diffent places, he at bugis me at TM. Stand for 9hrs, leg is like totally cramp and pain, worst den my IT fair job==! And the worst part is one of the starhub guy try to breck in my passwork to get my number(==''') cork ttm lor! hai my phone heng for 10 min, cant imagain he spam my passwork how may time. The manager even say sorry to me. Work for both day sell 22 phone in total, wondering how much is my pay, but sadly need to wait till 1st week for jan den can take pay T^T

Took it when before working:D

Today woke up at 10plus, bath>> out to meet bof for lunch den bus to his friend's hse to make his tie things, hes going ite ler, no time pei me ler (cires~) afetr he's done bus down to loyang temper there pray, play with the puppies there, super cute ttm you mei you! Left at 4plus, bus to Tm>>dinner>>shop around>>bus to bedok>>when to the new open Bedok Point. So small plus all is food there nothing much to walk oso :'x 10plus, homed.

Ok shall stop here, off to bed ler, tata!

Lovly puppies i could say ^^V They are just 2mth olds!

Dina: Very cool post
xiaovass: Tks, you are?
sweetthang: Kelian jiejie is in pain! GASP*!! Omg.. Me just finish worr.. Takecare of yourself, & love you! ^^ TAGGED.
xiaovass: Thankyou (: You take care too :DD
Pearlin: Tag
xiaovass: Tks!
Miki: TAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAGTAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miki: wow, short tags hor
xiaovass: Laugh! Thats a real cute tag! loveya!
Vivienne: Im so sweet man ! HAHAH ! Hope you like the pooh huh ^^
xiaovass: Ya! SO SWEETTTT~~~~! Iloveit! (Y)
Mike: hope u like my post!
xiaovass: Ya!
baobeistead: baobeistead <3>
xiaovass: Baobie stead!

Friday, December 17, 2010, 10:33 PM

I hate it when my stomach cramps )': It made me feel weak and it hurts! Haix~ Why do girls need to have this kind of pain while the boy sit and relex??~ Not fair)': Had the stupid cramping since yst, and it was hell in 24/h to me. And the best part is in faint==! Not at home not at under blk but at outside Tanah Merah MRT. It was like arggg~ so ps can? want know more? Continue reading my post pls (:

Woke up at 10plus, when to bath then meet boyf underblk. When for our lunch at bedok inter, wait for celina to come, chat and laugh alot (: Meet vivieen too So long dint see her ler, imissher leh! My HONEY wor ^^ hahas, bus to bugis she bough me a cute little baby pool for my birthday gif leh! Sweet ttm you mei you! (L) Was having alot for fun chatting with my girls . Shop around meet boyf at 5plus while viienne when off, had our dinner, slack shop again. Off to City plaza to make my fone, when to Gaylang see 'chicken' :P Sexy daooo~~~~ :PP Walk the whold place since we are bored lastly bus home. :D

Meet Boyf to eunos bus to Tanah Merah and for the holy shit i vomited, get out for the bus halfway, get myself in a big mess, feeling frecking cold in the super hot weather with a super cramping stomach ==! Board bus agin to Tanah Merah mrt, while waitng for shirly to pay the blogshop things, i faint off. Boyf call ambulance sent me to hospital, get injection and pain killer med, fall asleep for hr plus, celina say i fainted for 30plus min ): 3plus when in 5plus out, spent my dad 85$ for this==! Cab down to Bugis, had my dinner, meet babyade and her frind, slack at nearby, wait for brandon end joy, home sweet home.

Afternoon pei boyf go take his resulf den bus to celina hse watch dvd, leave at 6plus, when to boyf hse first den off to dinner. Bus to Tm shop around leave at 9plus, 10plus home, Nowwwww~ shall go to bed ler night readers! Sweet dreams :DD

NicholasChua(:: Nu er . HIHI . TAGGED . Happy Belated Birthday . HAHA . Sorry ah . :X
xiaovass: Tks daddy!
Miki: I TAGGED YOU 1ST , muahahahahahahahha =D
xiaovass, Thankyou! :DD

10:33 PM

NicholasChua(:: Nu er . HIHI . TAGGED . Happy Belated Birthday . HAHA . Sorry ah . :X

Miki: I TAGGED YOU 1ST , muahahahahahahahha =D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 10:55 PM


Shall start my posting (; haven been blogging for 4 days ler :P Day pass fast for me in this 2 mth hoilday! All i did is woke up, go out, home, sleep. Thats my life. (swee!)

After waiting for all most the whole yr, at last! i could say, is my 16th birthday! Hiphiphurray! ^^v Happy birthday to myself! hahas, Tks all those who sent me sms and face book comment de ppl (: Sorry i cant reply all cos i dunt have the time, plus too many ler ): But i did like ! If i dunt do tell me k? Tks babyfoyfriend for spenting he day with me (: Lovedieyou! Morning out with boyf, he pass me the birthday cake! Heartshape somemore :DD Den off to Tm shop around, had our lunch at LJS den but to Bugis, wanted to buy shop but dunt have the one i want ): So shop around take neoprintz with bayf (: (love!) At 8plus went to eat dinner, had steamboat, wait for teresa sis came, had sec round :P Home at 12plus, although my bday pass ler, but sis and boyf came my hse cut cake with me :DD Tks boyf for the dress, make up things and the couple-T (super in love witth it!)

Ok, im done, the rest lazy to type ler :P Bye! Tag more :DD

Pic with boyf <3>

Neoprintz with boyf <3>

Random pic

Miki: nah, you're welcome ^^ stay pretty at 16 and last looooong and work hard :]
xiaovass: Tyvm :DD
Miki: OH VANESSA, pls check my blog, there has a small surprise for you ^^ hehehe
xiaovass: Ohmy! that's so nice and sweet of you! Thankyou my sweetheart!
Pearlin: happy birthday:)
xiaovass: Tks!
Germaine: Couple-Heart Happy Belated 16th Birthday and Tag

xiaovass: Tyvm!

Friday, December 10, 2010, 4:20 PM

Hello my readers! xiaovass is here for a short post, feeling my poor blog is die-ing~~~ ohmy~! ;O Shall update more right!? (thinging about timing~ hmmmmmm...) Oh well, xiaovass has been out with boyf everyday for the pass 2mth ^^v And had been watching movie for the pass 3 days! 1st-The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, 2nd- The hunted house, and lastly-Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage :D Love the shows! Well, onlt the last one is abit bored :x I want to watch Let Me In & Confessions! Oh well, im greedy (wink!*) Shall end my post here, off to get ready going out meet boyf ler. tata! and do tag more! C;

kelvin: ear[j ae
kelvin: njtyrph[rhao
kelvin: sf
kelvin: nhbhd]
kelvin: fsdfrg
kelvin: +0.
kelvin: .+26.
kelvin: 8623
kelvin: 7523.
kelvin: sdwsfrtgyuhpo[]
kelvin: asdfghujip[;']
kelvin: fgbv nm,l;'
kelvin: 123
kelvin: 123
kelvin: 123
kelvin: 123
xiaovass: are you ok??? O.o!
kelvin: ccb u wan to say ppl than write ur name la don use other ppl name
xiaovass: Chill~?
wannasex with kelvin: LALALA !
xiaovass: Laugh! i dunt need a dog here pls (:
Isabella: Sex-partner, wo xiang ni neh <3>
xiaovass: Yo! :)
Kaixiong: Hey vanessa ! tag :O hahaha
xiaovass: Hey bear! :D Tks!
Cris: tagged (:
xiaovass: Tks! you are?
Miki: NOO, I'm fat! Hehe, random~ TAGGED sweetheart!! <3>
xiaovass: No, you are cute! hahas...! Tks pretty!
Miki: You 49 kg but you're tall and I'm 50 but my height is only 1m56
xiaovass: O.o~
Miki: HELLO pretty =D wow, that dog is cute, I wanna see him/her again!!!

xiaovass: Yea! but sadly i dint see her again ):

Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 12:55 PM

바네사 say: iloveyou, so simply yet so hard.

Im back im back im back to blogging! ^^ Tell you guys what readers! 5 more days to my birthday ler! im turning 16 ler! ( i feel so small==!)

Its me and my dear boyf 3rd mth anni! Happy 3rd mth anni babyboy! iloveyou!♥ Time had paased so much that it's another day of me and boyf anni(: iloveyou much boy, you are my one and only one.
Woke up at 12plus, went to bath,change and make up. Out to meet boyf to bedok inter. Had our lunch den shop around. Wit for Celina and brandon come at 3plus. Went to K-box with them (: Sing alot of songs. Happyhappy! After K- went to East coast with them and sean, slack at burgerKing till 10plus den went to rent bicycle, Our journey start from east coast to bedok jetty to changi village to pasir ris to tampines to bedok. Den all the way bk. Super long road i could say but mostly of the jobs was done by the boys. hahas! But overall fun ttm! An dthe best part is celina and brandon nearly chase by the baboh! Laughdie~
After such a long ride the time pass 12 and its celina and brandon 4th mth anni (: Last long guys! Our rided ended at 7plus in the morning. Went home sleep till 1plus den went to bath, boyf came my hse watch shows till 7plus, wn to change off to movie, Watched 'Rapunzel ' Funny ttm, rated 5/5! ^^ After movie bus to eunos find celina and brandon for dinner, lastly home sweet home :D

Afternoon meet boyf, went for lunch den go rent dvd to his hse watch. Dinner, lastly home(:
Afternoon out meet bof, went for lunch fisrt, sec went to return the dvd n off to celina's hse. Watch dvd and had some snacks, left with her at 6.30 went tm, had our dinner shop around , went to under blk slack, 10plus home.

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xiaovass: ok
kelvin: like that u can cone find me CCB~ dog u~
kelvin: to the so call hihi: if u don know how a person feel than u don anyhow talk if u not happy my name is there if u got balls u come find me and i think ur a ex BTS ppl wan so ya if u wan to say somethin
xiaovass: Chill~ ?
Cherie: Hello how have u been? I'm still the same thks for the tagged. Pls relink, i have move
xiaovass: Welcome! im still the old me too! hahahs..ok sure :D
sweetthang: YAY! Jiejie's gonna be in bts nxt yr <3>Im in the same class as you FYI ^^ yay~~~ Happy ! ^^ Btw the doggy so cute!! Whose?
xiaovass: Yep, hahas! Oh the dog is passed by de, i saw it very cute so went to play with it ^^ Cute uhh!?
hihi: bu yao lian
hihi: wtf? dui bu qi someone who passed away
xiaovass: laugh! I dunt need a dog in my cbox pls (:
Miki: no, you're not fat, you need to gain more weight leh~ you fatter look cuter xD trust meh~~ TAGGED!!!
xiaovass: No, im 49 kg now! fat ler! ):
Miki: okay! wow, such a cute doggie >v<>who owns it??? O.O
xiaovass: Passed by de (:
Ahliang: TAg
xiaovass: Tks!
kelvin: even if i was wet is all because of u lei
kelvin: and wat u mean by wet monkey~!!!!:(
xiaovass: Hahas! poor bibi :P
kelvin: 1more day to go hahah i wish to get my pay to so i can use it on tmrl if never get today
xiaovass: Jyjy!
kelvin: haha tag tag babygirl
xiaovass: tks bibi !